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According to the classical method of pigeon-holing personalities, I am a phlegmatic melancholic, which is Latin for "thinks way too much about things to fill out 'about me' sections briefly or succinctly". Consider yourself warned.

I am happily married to the man of my shopping list (far better choice than the two-dimensional Prince Charming of my dreams), and the mother of a pensive princess, a mischievous munchkin, and one chill-yet-charming baby girl. Caring for the above currently takes up most of my time, but I hope someday to train as a midwife. I am an Orthodox Christian, and my husband is a sub-deacon, so I suppose that makes me a sub-matushka (to abuse the Slavic term). I was born and raised in Saskatchewan, and now make my home in Alberta. I've almost gotten over the cliché.

I am addicted to coffee and fiction. I love to sing, especially in harmony. I have B.A. in Linguistics, and graduated with distinction in 2007. Since then, I have been learning first language acquisition in the field, alongside early childhood development, home economics, and comparative folklore (usually Grimm vs. Disney).  My love of chocolate is genetic, and the cravings can usually be quelled by heart-healthy high-quality dark decadence, but I still occasionally slum with a snickers.  Or other treats that don't alliterate nearly as nicely. My weaknesses in writing include alliteration and parentheses (surely you suspected). I'm also a sucker for multi-clause sentences, literary allusions, extensive vocabulary, and understatements. If, someday, an English Lit. club uses my blog content for a really pretentious drinking game, I'll say I have it made.



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