Why I love Jamie Oliver, reason #492

My husband and I recently received Jamie Oliver's second cook book, "The Naked Chef Takes Off", as an early Christmas gift. It somehow made its way to the bathroom, which means it is now slowly being read recipe by recipe, potentially from cover to cover. The porcelain throne is actually a pretty decent spot for reading recipes, once one gets over a Frasier-esque "food? in the bathroom?" moment, as they don't require a large time commitment, and you never know when you might stumble on a gem like this:

...the way I look at it is that chickpeas need a good kick up the backside to really get their flavors happening. So by smashing them up and adding a good pinch of cumin for a bit of spice, a little dried chili for a touch of heat, garlic for a bit of ooorrrggghhh, a good squeezing of lemon juice to give it a twang and seasoning to taste, you pretty much hit the nail on the head.
-Jamie Oliver, "smashed spiced chickpeas"

I do have a few posts on the backburner, in the slowcooker, and in the brine with the sauerkraut, but nothing more to bang out anytime soon. Preparations of heart & home call as the Yuletide approaches. Just thought your day might need a bit of "ooorrrggghhh". I know mine sure did.

Stayed tuned for a pickled post or two in the New Year. In the meantime, a blessed holiday season to you all, however you celebrate.


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