Five Minute Fridays: Willing

Back on the wagon with the five minute post. I've got an hour before the bus drops off my school girl, thirty minutes before my boy emerges from his Chuggington-induced TV-coma, and the baby just fell asleep. I think I have five minutes. We'll see what happens next week ;)

Today's word, "willing".

...and go.

"The heart is willing, but the flesh is week." So the scripture goes. These days, it seems more the other way around: My flesh is oh so willing to sleep when my heart longs to read one more chapter. My flesh would rather have a healthy snack, but my heart reasons that it's the week before Lent, so now's the time to finish up the Christmas chocolate. Coming cold be damned. A nursing mother will soon go wrong if she ignores the tellings of her body. After all, it's keeping someone else alive. And so I tumble into this time of preparation for the Coming Pascha. The ever coming Lord. Telling my heart that some forms of flesh-fasting will have to wait another year. For yet another season always coming in this ever spinning world. For there is yet another saying just as ancient: babies don't keep.

And stop.

Do tune into Lisa-Jo's link up to see what five minutes wrought for other brave writers today.

Carry on!


  1. I'm always quoting that scripture, but weirdly, I didn't think of it in conjunction with this. Smart...

    Nice work here, and I LOVE THAT HEADER picture. No snow. Sigh...

    1. Thank you and thank you! I love that shot too. I nabbed it on a secondary highway through one of the hillier parts of south-central Saskatchewan last August. Looking forward to life without snow here too! Glad you stopped by :)

  2. My flesh and heart battle it out over similar things. :-) In consequence I've been staying up far too late and eating entirely too much chocolate. :-) But somehow, I don't mind one bit. :-)


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