Unexpected blooms

We spent the bulk of Friday at the pool. Thursday morning's lessons were canceled due to thundershowers, so we headed back after lunch for our own little make-up lesson on Friday afternoon. My eldest, last year's sinker turned swim addict, was to work on her back glide and otherwise be encouraging and patient. My youngest swim student had yet to enter the water, despite four mornings of lessons, so the real focus of the outing was to remove his fear-factor and get him in the pool. Which is how I found myself spending over an hour simultaneously baby-wearing and squat-running in a foot of water through endless rounds of three-person "What time is it Mr. Shark." My quads have yet to forgive me, but never mind them. Mr. Tentative walked, ran, splashed, and dunked with little to no encouragement, and had to be coaxed out of the pool when his lips went purple. I'll call it a success.

It wasn't until half-way through Saturday that I realized I'd jumped past my own fear as unconsciously as my son had, swept past remembrance in the frenzy of fun. This was the second time I'd taken my children to the pool on my own, without a friend, teacher, or relative waiting to assist. The first time was nearly four years before, and involved so much frustration, whining, and panic that I'd decided I'd never do it again. And yet, here we were - with one kid more in tow, unexpectedly blooming.

It's Sunday afternoon, and I'd wandered out to our mixed herb pot to collect some fresh poultry seasoning. It's the first time I've ever owned an oregano plant, so I'd assumed the petal-thin pale green ends were its flowers. Not so. Today, I found purple blossoms nestled within those "petals" - an unexpected bloom. And so, that leads to this unexpected post - as life leads to new life, flowers upon flowers, and brick walls crumbled into passable hurdles. We just needed to grow. 

Linking up late with Lisa-Jo's Five-Minute-Fridays, writing (mostly) unedited on the prompt "bloom".


  1. This is so exciting! For both you and the kids! Its a wonderful feeling when you realize you can do it and it sounds like yall had some break throughs! Congrats! Blooming is such an awesome thing and it can be sooo subtle that we will miss it if we arent really looking.


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