Something like a star

I spent most of Saturday at a choir workshop, so I have Frostiana on the brain. "Choose Something Like a Star" is my favourite of the set, though it's hardly my favourite to sing (I'm a soprano - there's a whole lot of sustaining a "D" above lovely moving chords). I read Robert Frost's words and hear Randall Thompson's music. I'm starting to understand why Whitacre got a "no." Thompson's settings fit the poetry amazingly well; especially in the finale - he captures the poet's passion in the middle and joined the star's passionlessness at the end.

I don't think either Frost or Thompson had tulip centres in mind when looking for stars, but they keep me staid all the same. I focus on the colour streaking through as my world goes madly back to white. And trying not to sway mob-like when formatting goes awry - I love how Frost's poem and my picture fit together, but cannot for the life of me get the poster to fit to blogger's page. More white to pain me, but only if I let it. I'm better off staying with my star.


  1. Poetry, music, tulips - such good things to keep you going through MORE snow. I can't believe you got more!!!


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