Those proverbial intentions

I've never been much for New Year's resolutions. Honestly, I've been of the opinion that January 1st is a rather silly time to start anew for longer than I care to speculate. In this part of the world, namely the narrow latitudinal range in which I've always resided, the beginning of January is dead in the middle of the longest and most dreary of seasons. With spring nowhere in sight and straddling the school year, I usually feel more like I'm mid-marathon than starting afresh.

So I've usually decided to leave the creation of resolutions to a time of year than actually makes sense to me as a beginning. Say, perhaps March (think about it: it's spring, we've just ended the one month that ran out of days, and those -ember months? They run from seven to ten, not nine to twelve. I know. I'm brilliant) or September (church new year, switching summer fun for fall school days amid a blaze of inspiring colours; sounds like a fresh start to me).

The one problem with this noble intention of mine to postpone resolutions is that it remains just that: an intention. And we all know where that road so paved leads. And honestly, now that the dust has settled from the fun and frazzle of Christmas and my daughter's return to preschool is dragging me out of bed at a decent hour once more, the year feels, if not exactly new, it's at least back to normal. And as the sun's return drags offensively slowly, considering how quickly it seemed to retreat, a little more direction may help me find a second wind.

What's more, I do have nascent list of goals, pursuits - intentions, even: a junk drawer in mind where all files begin with "after Christmas". And here we are: after Christmas, and my usually snubbed "new" year (not that I refuse to meet with friends, give "happy new year" hugs or drink champagne), and Theophany (i.e. Epiphany), and the end of school holidays. High time to get started on something. Perhaps a series of posts stating said intentions.

I'm hoping by posting my intents so publicly I'll feel more inclined to pursue them, though I must confess that there's a little more behind my motive. Those pickled posts I promised back in December have been pushed so far back in my mental pantry that I'm having difficulty retrieving them. Some of those preserved ideas may worm their way back to the surface, but in the mean time, it would be good to have some fresh fodder for future blog posts. And I'd better stop extending that metaphor before I strain something.

Stay tuned...

And have a happy new year.



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